What is Messy Lemons?
Messy Lemons is a place where I will document my exploration of what an increasingly plant based diet looks life within my lifestyle. Currently I am a full time vegetarian attempting to find a balance in life and trying to drink enough water... two things I'm really bad at.
Messy Lemons is also where I will write about my other endeavours. I've been exploring my spirituality, yoga, and love learning new skills. 

Who am I?
My name is Jamie Lee and I live Southern Ontario with my spouse Curtis, and our pets; Molly the dog and our two cats, Lannister and Luna. I have an undergraduate degree in International Development and a graduate certificate in Public Relation. I've also worked in the restaurant industry for over 10 years, exclusively in the Front of House. Everything I've learned about cooking & baking has been from Curtis, a cookbook, or I've taught myself.

Why the name?
messy: untidy; generating or involving mess
lemons: a person or thing that proves to be imperfect

I've always been a bit of a messy, imperfect person. Messy Lemons is a place to embrace and build within the life you have.