Messy Lemons About Me


My name is Jamie; imaginative & introverted, anxious & suspicious, emotional & unpredictable. I like to dive in with two feet & worry about it (a lot) later.

I've lived in the same city my whole life, which is probably why I love to travel & explore.
I prefer the moon, but love to wake up early, which also makes me an expert napper.
I drink too much coffee & not enough water, and eat a practically plant based diet with a healthy amount of snacks.
I love citrus, a good pop culture reference, and rose gold & oxblood are my colours of choice.

Curtis and I are a BOH/FOH love connection.. 7 years later we're still partners in love & life; hustlin' hard to achieve our dreams. We've each got over 10 years experience in the hospitality industry; myself in the front, and Curtis in the kitchen. We both really love what we do.

I am the main voice, and content creator behind Messy Lemons. I'll share how we balance living & working in the hospitality industry, including trying to eat a healthy, (mostly) plant based diet, stay active, and have fun. I also enjoy the occasional DIY project, beauty & lifestyle hacks, and hanging out with our dog. 

Curtis is a Chef, and primary recipe developer at Messy Lemons. He is the more grounded other half, keeping things well balanced. He loves a good pun, and we play a lot of board games. He also keeps the cats happy.